Phantom (US) - Cyberchrist 2018 / BLUE VERSION - EXCLUSIVE

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First Time on vinyl the Album Cyberchrist from 1993 ! PHANTOM - US METAL CULT

Gatefold with new Artwork in BLUE VINYL !! Limited to 150 Copies - EXCLUSIVE through DIABOLIC MIGHT REC.

Songs :
A1. Well Of Souls   
A2. Six Feet Under   
A3. Big Daddy     
A4. Cyberchrist    
A5. Graveyard Shift   
A6. Psycho Zoo    
B1. Queen Of The Damned
B2. Blind Man´s Sight
B3. Alive And Well
B4. Preying With The Mantis
B5. Last Man Standing
B6. Say Your Prayers

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