Bestial Desecration #2 (incl. Bonus-zine & 2 Posters) / FANZINE

Bestial Desecration #2 (incl. Bonus-zine & 2 Posters) / FANZINE

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Best Magazine these days - Pro-printed, full-coloured, A5-size fanzine!
Limited to 300 copies! ...also selected reviews and a Matterhorn/Hirax Live-Report + 2x Posters! (X-Japan/Formel 1)

Bonus-zine: "Japanese Extreme Metal"

A special article (on 12 pages!) about the most extreme "Shock Metal-Scene" from Japan!
Background information, historical explanations, origins and significations!
Feat. Heavy Metal Army, Rommel, Harkenkreuz, Rosenfeld, Mein Kampf etc...

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